About Foothills Alliance School

Our Preschool's beginning correlates with the 1993 construction of the Foothills Alliance Church in Edgemont. It has continued to grow and is operating 6 classes for 3 & 4 year old children.

The Kindergarten program was implemented one year after the Preschool. It operates 5 morning classes a week, providing an Alberta Education accredited program of 475 hours.

Both programs are making a positive Christian impact in NW Calgary.

Our Services

We have an early childhood intervention service provider on site for both the Preschool & Kindergarten. ESL, SPEECH, BEHAVIOURAL and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY is provided for children with mild, moderate needs and PUF for severe needs. The company is registered with Alberta Education and is fully funded through the government.

Our Staff

Each Kindergarten teacher must hold a valid Alberta Teaching Certificate. Preschool teachers must hold either a valid Alberta Teaching Certificate or a Level III Certificate in Early Childhood Education. Our Preschool assistant teachers have at least a Level I Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

All staff must be in agreement with the Statement of Faith of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and the School’s Education Philosophy Policy. Each person on staff will have a security clearance to ensure the safety of the children and the peace of mind of the parents.

Our Kindergarten

The Foothills Alliance Kindergarten Society is regulated under the Private ECS Operators Branch of Alberta Education. General goals and guidelines have been provided for all Kindergarten programs and we have used these goals, philosophies and program dimensions to develop our curriculum.

Our Preschool

The Foothills Alliance Preschool is regulated by the Alberta Child Care Licensing Act, and supported by Child and Family Services. We believe development is accomplished through the ABC’s of education: Achievement oriented, Balanced programming, set in a Creative learning environment. Foothills Alliance Preschool is unique in the sense that children are helped to build their self-worth through the knowledge that they are special creations of God.