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At Foothills Alliance School we believe the link between home and school is very important and must be fostered.

For this reason, volunteering in the classroom is a mandatory activity for preschool and Jr Kindergarten, and is strongly encouraged in our Kindergarten. Apart from showing your child that you value them and their school activities, parent volunteers provide necessary support to classroom teachers. Without parent volunteers, we would not be able to run the quality program we pride ourselves on providing.

As a parent volunteer you will be asked to:

  • Help with set-up
  • Assist children with craft activities
  • Serve juice at snack time - clean tables between activities
  • Play with children during center time and in the gym
  • Assist with other classroom activities

What is a School Volunteer?

A school volunteer is a person who is willing to give his/her time and talent at specific times of the year. There are two types of volunteers required at our preschool.

Class Volunteers: on a daily basis, two adults per class (works out to once a month).

Class Parents: who work on a specific assignment which may be monthly or as required (crafts – weekly, field trips throughout the year, etc.)

Who Can Become a School Volunteer?

EVERYONE! Parents, grandparents, older teens, aunts, uncles, neighbors, nanny, etc. Anyone with a genuine interest in helping the preschool.

Additional information and details on volunteering at Foothills Alliance School are available in the Parent Handbook.

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Preschool Handbook (pdf)

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Kindergarten Handbook (pdf)

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